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As a Business Champion or Partner, you will be invited to contribute at CO2nstructZero related events on a case by case basis. We will consider you for events based on which priorities your company supports and how it will fit with the nature of the event e.g. panel discussion, keynote speaker, Business Champion launch events) or for media opportunities via the CLC and its communication channels

If you are a construction company, CO2nstructZero Partner or Business Champion, and you would like the CO2nstructZero team to present at your Net Zero event or you have a Net Zero related event that you want us to promote, please email

Got a blog or press release on CO2nstructZero that you want to share?

Email to let Stuart know!

Current CO2nstructZero blogs include ones from:

Previous events/media opportunities to date have included:

  • Presence at COP 26-hosting a session titled ‘Construction: The Built Environment’-watch it via YouTube here

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