The Performance Framework

The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) has published its CO2nstructZero Performance Framework. It is our way of measuring progress on achieving Net Zero across the industry.

The Performance Framework has been developed to provide the CLC with a sector level dashboard on our progress towards Net Zero aimed at motivating businesses to action and to help those outside the sector understand our progress.

We intend to collate data for the dashboard on a quarterly basis albeit not every metric will be available quarterly. The data itself will be drawn from sources which already aggregate it, known as data point owners.

The Performance Framework is closely aligned with Government policy and draws on emerging thinking on carbon measurement and assessment, as such it will evolve over time, and we will update and improve the metrics. 

  • Download the Construct Zero Performance Framework Aims
  • Download the Performance Framework (Version 1 – November 2021) 
  • Download the Performance Framework (Version 2 – March 2022) 
  • Download the Performance Framework (Version 3 – October 2022) 
  • Download the Performance Framework (Version 4 – November 2022) 
  • Download the Performance Framework (Version 5 – May 2023) 
  • Download the Performance Framework (Version 6 – August 2023) 
  • Download the Performance Framework (Version 7 – November 2023)