Vision and Mission


Lead a new era of delivery in the Built Environment


Working in partnership with industry, clients and Government we will develop an industry that has the capability, capacity and resilience to:

  • Support the industry to respond to the current economic challenges
  • Drive growth and investment
  • Promote the industry
  • Improve productivity through digital adoption, industrialisation and innovation
  • Successfully manage the sector’s transition to Net Zero
  • Create improved societal outcomes

Strategic Priorities

The CLC will use its position and convening power to deliver on the four strategic priorities over the next 3 years:

Response to the current economic and industry challenges

In the short term the CLC will lead in co-ordinating and mitigating the following challenges on behalf of the industry:

Mitigating impacts of inflation

  • We will focus on forecasting and communicating with industry materials cost inflation
    and availability, through the product availability group assessments.
  • Our ask of Government is to support the manufacturing industry with energy costs, partnering with industry to ensure the energy price guarantee for businesses is as effective as possible in the construction sector.

Confidence in the forward pipeline

  • We will continue to invest in developing our capability and people in order to deliver on the Government’s priorities including the 2050 Net Zero target.

Our ask of Government is to:

  • Recommit to the existing pipeline of work (including publishing this through the IPA).
  • Increase resilience through the investments outlines in the Energy Security Strategy and increased regulatory pressure on the water companies to consider appropriate capital investments and;
  • Work with industry to develop a fully funded and financed approach to domestic retrofit. 

This will not only deliver economic benefits but deliver on our commitment to Net Zero by 2050.

Managing delivery risks

  • We will monitor risks such as impacts of industrial action and the nutrient neutrality problems impacting delivery, collating evidence to share with Government to accurately convey the economic and business impacts to inform policy development.
  • Our ask of Government is to look at short term policy fixes to mitigate the skills shortages, associated wage inflation and regulatory uncertainty.

Business sustainability & insolvency

  • We will continue to assess the viability of our supply chains to understand the level of risk and support businesses by working with Trade Association to provide advice and support to those in difficulties.
  • As the CLC we will take a cross industry view on managing the impacts such as sustaining skills and employment by support those within the sector to stay within the sector should businesses fail through use of the Construction Talent Retention Scheme.