Climate change is happening. Every industry has a part to play in reducing carbon emissions and meeting net zero by 2050. The construction industry is no exception.

Did you know that the built environment contributes around 43% of the UK’s total carbon footprint?

Without a reduction in carbon emissions from all construction companies, achieving net zero by 2050 in the UK will be very challenging. But it doesn’t have to be.

Are you are a company, or trade association or from a different sector but would like to support CO2nstructZero? Become a Partner!

If you want to become a Partner, please send your company logo to Stuart:

Benefits include:

  • You will be invited to contribute at CO2nstructZero related events on a case by case basis
  • Have your logo displayed on the CLC website and you will get the CO2nstructZero logos to put on your social media pages and email signatures
  • You are welcome to share relevant Net Zero events your organisation is delivering, with the CO2nstructZero team if you are looking for a speaker or would like the team to promote the event
  • Join up with organisations across the sector under the CLC banner to tell the sector’s story and showcase your journey to net zero
  • Gain access to the latest CO2nstructZero news, opportunities, and information from CLC and BEIS around CO2nstructZero and the Government’s response to Net Zero
  • Illustrate how ‘a business like mine’ can promote CO2nstructZero and potentially feature on CO2nstructZero campaigns

See the Business Partner FAQs and list of Partners below

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Business Partner

A Partner is a company who is supportive of CO2nstructZero. We simply ask for you to demonstrate what are you doing in the net zero space and supply your logo, which will feature on the Construction Leadership Council’s website

What does being a Partner involve?

The programme is looking for the following commitments as set out below. Please note you do not need to provide all of them, just at least one:-

Signposting & support

  • Provide support/guidance to one or more of the 9 priorities which can be signposted from the CLC’s CO2nstructZero’s website
  • Report back to the CO2nstructZero programme board on areas of missing advice and guidance which could be developed to support your members/network

Communications and engagement

  • Use the range of your comms channels to cascade out CO2nstructZero news and industry progress
  • Host events for your members/network that focus on one or more of the 9 priorities, which support and are in collaboration with the CO2nstructZero change programme

Performance metrics

  • Assist with the collection of data from the industry that will form part of the Performance Framework and quarterly reporting
  • Support your members in selecting the appropriate metrics and commitments to sign up to
  • Monitoring organisations within your network who have signed up to ‘Race to Zero’, to encourage their continued commitment to reducing their emissions targets

Business Champions

  • Support your members to become Business Champions working with them to develop their initial case study
  • Finding an appropriate emerging leader to partner across your network with, if not able to find one internally
  • Feature your business champion and emerging leaders in your comms, forums and events to help share their learning across your network to their peers

What are the benefits of being a Partner?

  • Join up with organisations across the sector under the CLC banner to tell the sector’s story and showcase your journey to Net Zero
  • Gain access to the latest CO2nstructZero news, opportunities and information from CLC and DBT around CO2nstructZero and the Government’s response to Net Zero
  • Opportunity for your events to feature on part of the CO2nstructZero’s events programme which will be signposted from CLC’s website and be considered for CO2nstructZero campaign announcements
  • Use of CO2nstructZero logo for email signatures, social media posts and events


Partners can join at any time. Selected companies will be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure they remain able to commit to the programme and deliver on the above expectations

Number of Partners

We are not placing a limit on the number of partners and will be bringing on-board new companies across the course of 21/22do not have a limit on the number of partners and are happy to onboard partners throughout the year

CO2nstructZero Partners