CO2nstructZero's role is not to develop new solutions, roadmaps or new pathways – there are many groups in the industry well placed to do this – but we believe that the CLC does have a critical role to play in bringing people together to consolidate collective actions and plans for the sector. We can help drive change by helping to share innovative solutions and set transparent goals and clear actions that everyone can help to achieve.

The story behind CO2nstructZero

In November 2020, the Government published its 10-point plan for a Green Industrial Revolution. It set out a path to Net Zero by 2050.

CO2nstructZero is the construction sector’s response. It sets out how the industry can collectively meet Net Zero. We’ve used the Climate Change Committee’s 6th Carbon budget to establish the nine priorities that frame our action plan, how we’ll measure our progress and hold ourselves to account.

The 9 Priorities


Accelerating the shift of the construction workforce to zero emission vehicles and onsite plant

Optimise the use of Modern Methods of Construction and improved onsite logistics, in doing so reducing waste and transport to sites

Championing developments and infrastructure investments that both enable connectivity with low carbon modes of transport and design to incorporate readiness for zero emission vehicles


Work with Government to deliver retrofitting to improve energy efficiency of the existing housing stock

Scale up industry capability to deliver low carbon heat solutions in buildings, supporting heat pump deployment, trials of hydrogen heating systems and heat networks

Enhancing the energy performance of new and existing buildings through higher operational energy efficiency standards and better building energy performance

Construction Activity

Implementing carbon measurement, to support our construction projects in making quantifiable decisions to remove carbon

Become world leaders in designing out carbon, developing the capability of our designers and construction professionals to design in line with circular economy shifting commercial models to reward measurable carbon reductions

Support development of innovative low carbon materials as well as advancing low carbon solutions for manufacturing production processes and distribution

The Performance Framework

The Construction Leadership Council has published the CO2nstructZero Performance Framework.

We developed it to provide the CLC with a sector level dashboard on our progress towards Net Zero. It aims to motivate businesses to action and to help those outside the sector understand our progress.

How do I become a Business Champion or Partner?

Climate change is happening. Every industry has a part to play in reducing carbon emissions and meeting net zero by 2050. The construction industry is no exception.

CO2nstructZero:A unique opportunity through a public platform, which highlights and promotes, a construction company’s commitment to Net Zero

Are you our next Business Champion?

Calling all construction companies.

Do you want to cut your carbon emissions and publicise your commitments to achieving Net Zero? 

Be part of the movement and tell us, or better still, show us what you are doing on the ground in the Net Zero space.

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Are you a Partner?

We are a collective voice, striving to hit Net Zero by 2050. We are working together across industry to make a difference.

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