Refreshed structure of the CLC announced

I’m very pleased today to present the refreshed structure of the CLC, which builds upon the tremendous efforts of the CLC Task Force created in March, along with the previous Board and Advisory Group structure from 2019.  Intentionally larger in numbers than the previous structure, the new membership broadens our industry representation and reach into local regions, creating a CLC that better represents the 3 million people continuing to work in the industry, playing a vital role in driving the UK’s economy.

The new structure places the CLC Task Force at the heart of the continuing drive to lead and transform the industry as set out in the CLC Industry Recovery Plan.  Originally meeting daily, and now twice each week, the Task Force is about to mark its 100th meeting since March, a milestone that is testament to the time, effort and determination that all Task Force members have been putting in for which, I’m sure on behalf of the whole industry, we thank and salute the Task Force members.

To support the Task Force, a CLC Senior Advisors Group has been established, along the lines of non-executives of a typical board. This group will provide an even wider representation of different parts of the industry, together with support, challenge and guidance.

As we all know, there is a lot to do over the coming months including supporting industry through COVID and  EU Transition and leading its transformation. We expect the new structure to remain in place during 2021, but we will be reviewing it next year, to determine a longer term structure and operating model for the CLC, to enable CLC to support and lead the construction industry into the future.

We would like to thank all of those involved in supporting the efforts and achievements of the CLC in recent times, and wish the new  members the very best of luck as we all work to see our industry flourish.




Download the membership and Terms of Reference’s Below:

CLC Senior Advisors Group ToRs

CLC Steering Co-ordination Group ToRs

CLC Task Force ToRs


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