Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Business Champion?

A Business Champion is a company whose work in the net zero space aligns with one or more of the CO2nstructZero priorities

What does being a Business Champion involve?

We are looking for companies across the sector who can:

  • Provide tangible evidence of the steps they are taking to respond to the Net Zero carbon challenge against the CO2nstructZero 9 priorities most relevant to their business
  • Provide outline case study material of what action you are taking against one or more of the 9 priorities, what this means for them/their business and its benefits
  • Support CLC quarterly reporting on industry progress to Net Zero directly and through their supply chain as and when data is available
  • Work with your Trade Association to signpost to industry colleagues i) the action they can take; ii) behavioural change required; and iii) initiatives they can support which deliver on CO2nstructZero priorities
  • Support our media/events work as appropriate

What are the benefits of being a Business Champion?

  • Every company who is selected as a Business Champion will have their logo displayed on the CLC website. We will also provide you with CO2nstructZero logos to put on your social media pages and email signatures
  • You will also be invited to contribute at CO2nstructZero related events on a case by case basis. We will approach you
  • You are welcome to share relevant Net Zero events your organisation is delivering, with the CO2nstructZero team if you are looking for a speaker or would like the team to promote the event
  • We will look to promote and amplify your work as industry good practice, where appropriate

How do I sign up to become a Business Champion?

A commission will be sent out at the beginning of each month, inviting companies to complete a short set of interview questions. The commission will be sent primarily to Trade Associations through the CLC. However, if you are not a member of a Trade Association belonging to the collective CLC membership, or sit outside the CLC, and would like to be included on this monthly commission, please forward your details to

What format should our interview answers be in?

When completing the interview questions to become a Business Champion, please provide your answers in a PDF or Word document. Please DO NOT submit a video or audio file via We Transfer or any other transfer platform as it becomes difficult to access as files within that link expire after a short number of weeks

What happens after I’ve applied?

Your interview questions will be assessed by core members of the CO2nstructZero team. We will then inform you of the outcome shortly after your application has been reviewed

What can Trade Associations do once a member becomes a Business Champion to raise their profile?

You can ask your Trade Association to promote your status on their website, through their social media channels, newsletters, or emails, and encourage other members to apply


Selected companies will be appointed for a period of 1 year, with a renewal of their commitment sought at that stage. If business champions are not able to provide tangible evidence setting out why they should continue at the 1 year stage, CLC Task force will collectively agree whether those companies should be asked to exit from the programme

Number of Business Champions

We are not placing a limit on the number of champions and will be bringing on-board new companies, on a monthly basis, across the course of 21/22

Other information to note

Emerging Leaders

Each Business Champion will be asked to nominate an Emerging Leader (a young ambassador aged 20-35) drawn from either their organisation or existing Business Network who will:

  • Provide a critical voice of challenge to their host organisation on the level of ambition being set.
  • Offer advice and encouragement in bringing their whole organisation on the Net Zero journey
  • Work with BEIS and CLC to support media as appropriate on behalf of their Business Champion.

If you have any further questions on engaging with the programme as a potential Business Champion, please email


CO2nstructZero Business Champions