World Mental Health Day 2023

Mark Reynolds makes a statement on behalf of the CLC

“As World Mental Health Day, today marks a key moment to reflect on our existing achievements as an industry where we have started to recognise the importance of protecting and promoting positive mental health.  However, we must not lose sight of the enormous journey we still have ahead of us, to create an industry where individuals are able to reach out in confidence, to trained Ambassadors to discuss concerns, without fear of being stigmatised.

We only have to look at the current data to see that workers in construction are at some of the highest risk of suicide, a key component of mental health, in the UK, with rates in the industry nearly four times higher than the national average (link). We are still losing far too many people to suicide. One is too many and unacceptable. This must change.

His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales has recently amplified this debate, as part of World Suicide Prevention Day, where His Royal Highness discussed the prevalence of suicide in the construction industry and highlighted the crucial need to focus on prevention, rather than crisis management.

I fully support and echo these remarks. The Construction Leadership Council is committed to ensuring we support the essential industry changes needed to better protect our people, creating environments that promote positive mental health.  I am therefore delighted to announce today that the Construction Leadership Council will be launching, in partnership with Mates in Mind, a public mental health campaign in early 2024. This campaign will focus on the importance of prevention and will be aimed at industry and Government, underpinned by a series of key principles to enable companies across the sector, regardless of their size, to better support their employees in this space, understanding how key conversations can make a profound difference.

Now is the time to supercharge our efforts and harness the huge level of commitment across industry to create a stronger climate of accountability for our people’s health. By working together, we can make a difference and save lives.”

Mark Reynolds
CLC Co-chair
Group Chairman and CEO, Mace


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