Supporting Jobs in Construction

The results of the second cross-industry ‘People Survey’, carried out by Build UK on behalf of the Construction Leadership Council in September, provides an up to date snapshot of the ongoing impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the construction workforce, which will help to prioritise support for employers in line with the industry’s Roadmap to Recovery.

Supporting Jobs in Construction suggests that employers are doing what they can to hold onto their people, having learned from the last recession the importance of keeping talent within the business wherever possible. Whilst there is still expected to be a reduction of 4.2% in the workforce by December, the fall in the number of graduates taken on in September was less than anticipated and overall the number of apprentices employed is expected to increase slightly.

Listed up front in the report the data highlights the following:

  • There are expected to be job losses over the next three months, particularly amongst self-employed and agency workers
  • Specialist Contractors and Developers anticipate the largest reductions in their workforces
  • Overall the number of apprentices employed is expected to increase slightly over the next three months
  • The fall in the number of graduates in September was less severe than predicted in June
  • Training will continue to be a blend of online and face-to-face, with the majority of training providers having resumed face-to-face training or planning to do so over the next three months
  • Most companies expect to retain some level of working from home in the future

Read the full update here.

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