Shortage occupations in construction: A cross-industry research report

This cross industry report provides the results of a survey to identify occupations that are experiencing, or may experience shortages of available staff, in the UK construction sector.

The findings of the report are based on the results of a cross-industry survey supported by 276 companies which collectively employ more than 160,000 workers.

Construction & building trades supervisors (SOC Code: 5330) are consistently reported as a shortage occupation. This is true both now, and is forecast by respondents to be the case post-Brexit.

The research also found the following roles are frequently seen as shortage occupations:

  • general labourer (SOC Code: 9120)
  • quantity surveyors(SOC Code: 2433)
  • construction project manager(SOC Code: 2436)
  • civil engineer (SOC Code: 5319)
  • bricklayer (SOC Code: 5312)
  • carpenter (SOC Code: 5315)
  • plant and machine operatives (SOC Code: 8229)
  • production managers and directors in construction (SOC Code: 1122)
  • chartered surveyor (SOC Code: 2434)

Download the report here.

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