Registration of the Building Control Profession – Transitional Arrangements

Philip White, Director of Building Safety for the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has written to the Building Control industry outlining a competence assessment extension period for Registered Building Inspectors, who meet set criteria. The extension period is 13 weeks from 6 April to 6 July 2024.

Experienced building control professionals who are not trainees but have not yet completed a competence assessment will have the scope of their registration temporarily extended provided they meet the following criteria:

  • They are an existing building control professional;
  • They are registered as a Class 1 RBI by 6 April 2024;
  • They are enrolled in, and in the process of having their competency assessed through, one of the BSR approved competence assessment schemes by 6 April 2024; and
  • A scheme provider has not told them that they have not passed their competency assessment for a second time.

This is not an opportunity to delay completing registration as an RBI and there will be no extension to these arrangements. Professionals who are not registered by 6 April 2024 will not benefit from the extension period and will not be able to continue to work on regulated building control activities.

Further information on building inspectors and registration details can be found here.

The letter from Philip White can be found here.

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