Pocket Guides to Help MPA Members Adapt to COVID-19

The Mineral Products Association (MPA) has launched three new sector specific pocket guides, for Managers and Employees, which are designed to support members in keeping employees, contractors, suppliers and customers safe as site operations adapt to the restrictions of COVID-19 and become COVID secure. Plus an Operational Guidance document and a Resource Page to all available resources for their members.

Drawing on expert industry advice and techniques, they have been prepared by the MPA’s Health and Safety Committee. A comprehensive Technical Handbook will be available later this week and further resources, including posters, are anticipated.

Based around ‘10 Rules of Engagement’ designed to defend employees at work, they are as follows:

Operational Guidance Complimenting the two Guides below

Download it here.

For Managers
An A5 pocket guide with guidance for local managers to assist them as they prepare workplaces for start-up or continuing operation. Outlining the steps managers need to take to help everyone on site maintain social distancing and to mitigate the hazards associated with COVID-19, it includes both practical measures and recommendations on how to reinforce safe behaviours. Copies should be made available to all managers with responsibility for operations and premises.  Download it here.

For Employees
An A5 pocket guide, using relatable graphics, designed for members to circulate to employees to help them to understand the behaviours that they need to adopt to keep themselves. their families, colleagues and the public safe as they go about their daily work. In addition to the ’10 Rules of Engagement’, the pocket guide covers activities from the time they leave home, through the working day and to their safe return.
The two pocket guides are complementary and mirror each other.          Download it here.


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