Diesel to Disappear from most Construction Sites by 2035 Under New Plan

Minister for Business Nusrat Ghani MP joins industry leaders today to launch a plan to eliminate the use of diesel from most UK construction sites.

Over the last year, representatives from across the industry have collaborated on the development of Zero Diesel Sites Route Map, a key element of the Construction Leadership Council’s CO2nstruct Zero programme to decarbonise the industry.

Following consultation on a draft plan late last year, today’s Route Map confirms the industry will:

  • Put in place support to roll out hydrogen, electricity and other cleaner power sources;
  • Promote early wins by boosting efficiency and cutting diesel use by existing plant, and asking companies to reduce the use of diesel generators;
  • Helping businesses to develop their own company’s diesel reduction plans;
  • Engaging with clients to secure commitments that ban diesel use and
  • Tracking data on industry diesel consumption to confirm progress over time.

Read the Route map here.

Read the full press release here.


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