Creating a Productive environment for UK Construction

Building better: CLC announces plan to boost industry productivity by 25%

  • A potential £45bn of savings and additional value could be generated by improving construction productivity.
  • Productivity per person in construction is higher than the wider economy – but the sector is significantly behind on productivity per hour worked.
  • The cost of errors in construction is estimated to be worth seven times the annual total profit generated by the UK industry.

Boosting productivity in the construction sector could generate £45bn of additional added value each year for the UK; equivalent to 2% of UK GDP; and enough to build more than 220,000 houses a year or pay for two thirds of the UK’s ten-year infrastructure pipeline, including covering the cost of both HS2 and the new nuclear programme.
The Construction Leadership Council has today published a new report exploring the potential for the UK industry to transform its productivity, identifying three areas where billions of pounds of savings could be made, or additional value generated for the UK economy.


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