Codes of Conduct for suppliers – second edition

The government has updated its 2017 codes of conduct for suppliers.  The codes outlines the standards and behaviours expected from suppliers and reiterate the government’s intention to underpin any and all contractual arrangements with a bond of trust.

These codes exist to help all suppliers understand the standards and behaviours that are expected of them when working with the government, and how this helps the government deliver value for money for taxpayers.

From a CLC perspective, there are two particular points of note:

  • Paragraph 2.6 : the desire for contracts to be “priced to offer sustainable value throughout their life” supports the work being done by Ann Bentley to embed the concept of “whole life value” into the procurement process.       Ann Bentley’s report for the CLC on Procuring for Value can be downloaded here.
  • Paragraph 3.5: the code of conduct makes clear that the Government expects its suppliers to “pay subcontractors within 30 days on government contracts and comply with the standards set out in the Prompt Payment code on all other contracts”

Ann Bentley said “The CLC welcomes the emphasis that the Government is placing on value and fair payment and will work closely with Government to ensure that this code of conduct is upheld on all Construction contracts.

You can download the latest edition here.

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