Building Safety Conference 2024

The Building Safety Regulator (BSR) held its second building safety conference in Birmingham on Tuesday 21 May. The conference marked a major milestone for the BSR as the new building safety regime was fully established in law in April. With over 1,300 delegates in attendance, the conference provided a platform for industry leaders, regulators and resident representatives to discuss the ongoing transformation of the building safety landscape.

The Construction Leadership Council was delighted to participate in this event delivering 3 panel sessions with support from key industry representatives and Mark Reynolds, CLC Co-chair joining a leader’s question panel to conclude the event.

The conference centred on building safety as a cornerstone of the built environment and the call for industry to step up and commit to change.

The CLC Building Safety Strategic Priority supports these key messages. The CLC aims to champion and support delivery of safe and high-quality buildings for those who live and work in them. The building safety agenda is for everyone working in the built environment, not just those involved with work on higher risk buildings. Industry leadership and adoption is paramount to achieve not only regulatory compliance but long-lasting change. This was seen in improvements to occupational health and safety over the last 20 years – the same must now be demonstrated for building safety.

CLC panel sessions involved:

1 Building Safety – A Strategic Priority For All – A panel discussion chaired by Philip White, director for Building Safety at the BSR and a panel made up of:

  • Peter Caplehorn – CLC Golden Thread lead for Building Safety and Chief Executive of the Construction Products Association
  • Lindsay McGibbon – CLC Building Safety Regulatory Clarity Workstream Lead and Regional Buildings/BBK Managing Director, Balfour Beatty
  • Samantha Peat – Chair of the CLC Professional Indemnity Insurance Working Group
  • Mark Reynolds – Construction Leadership Council Co-Chair and Group Chairman and Chief Executive, Mace


2 What is the Golden Thread of Information and what does it mean for you and your building? – A panel discussion chaired by Peter Caplehorn with a panel made up of:

  • Hywel Davies – Chair of the Building Advisory Committee Golden Thread Working Group
  • Neil Hope-Collins – Operational Policy Lead – HRB, Building Control Authority, Building Safety Regulator
  • Aman Sharma – Deputy Chair of the Building Advisory Committee Golden Thread Working Group and CEO of Totus Digital
  • Rebecca Thompson – Policy Lead – Occupied HRB Regime and Golden Thread from Design to Occupation, Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities


3 The Industry Competence Steering Group (ICSG) Working Group 2 – Installer Group and the Wider Context of Competence – A panel discussion chaired by Lindsay McGibbon with a panel made up of:

  • Faye Burnett – Programme Director for the CLC Installer Competence Programme and Associate Director at Mace
  • Hanna Clark – Co – Chair of the Industry Competence Steering Group (ICSG) and Digital and Policy Manager at the Construction Products Association
  • Andrew Eldred – Chief Operating Officer at the Electrical Contractors’ Association and Installer Competence – Engineering Super Sector Lead
  • Jon Vanstone – Chair of the Industry Competence Committee (ICC)


A press notice has been issued by the HSE about the conference and can be found here.

The conference sessions and materials will be available online in the coming weeks.

Question Time

CLC Co-chair, Group Chairman and Chief Executive Mace joined Sarah Newton, Chair of HSE and panel members from the BSR, DLUCH, OPSS and HSE Board.


Building Safety – A Strategic Priority For All

A CLC panel discussion with Philip White, Peter Caplehorn, Lindsay McGibbon, Mark Reynolds and Samantha Peat.



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