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13 September 2018

Government supports industry development of ‘best value’ tools to transform procurement culture

Built environment professionals have united to look for a new approach that will change procurement culture by helping clients select on best value rather than

bos report
23 July 2018

The CLC welcomes the publication of the Report by the House of Lords Science and Technology Select Committee into off-site manufacture for construction

Off-site manufacture is a key strategic component of the CLC’s vision for a transformation of the construction sector driven by a focus on digital, manufacturing and whole-life performance
10 July 2018

CLC Skills Workstream publishes their strategy and action plan

Construction Leadership Council and the CITB will assist and facilitate the UK Construction Industry, through its leadership, to successfully attract and retain the workforce it needs
10 July 2018

Procuring for Value

New CLC report recommendations on how government, clients and the industry can maximise the impact of the sector deal by a change in approach to procurement.


Helping transform the construction industry

The CLC’s objective is to drive industry improvement.  It draws together business leaders from across the sector to identify how to promote solutions to meet Construction 2025’s ambition of:


  • 33% reduction in cost


  • 50% reduction in project time


  • 50% reduction in carbon emissions


  • 50% reduction in the trade gap.