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7 April 2017

The art of the deal

It’s time for construction to engage with the UK’s industrial strategy and make key investment deals with clients and government.
Sustainable Building Guide - revised cover 2 May 2017
29 March 2017

Sustainable Building Training Guide

The Green Construction Board has released a new guide explaining the principles of sustainable building to support the training sector to embed sustainability within all mainstream learning.
Leo Quinn
9 March 2017

To be in construction, we must be constructive

Post-Brexit, industry must play its part in addressing the skills crisis, says Leo Quinn
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28 November 2016

What should Construction be famous for?

CLC launched its focus themes at a Leaders’ Briefing last week. Head of Strategy and Communication, Simon Rawlinson explains the challenge.


Helping transform the construction industry

The CLC’s objective is to drive industry improvement.  It draws together business leaders from across the sector to identify how to promote solutions to meet Construction 2025’s ambition of:


  • 33% reduction in cost


  • 50% reduction in project time


  • 50% reduction in carbon emissions


  • 50% reduction in the trade gap.