Transforming Construction Challenge Set to Revolutionise the Industry

For the past four years, the Transforming Construction Challenge (TCC) has brought industry and government together to pilot and test a range of innovations that will revolutionise the construction industry. New approaches include platform systems, manufacturing methods, robotic technology, digital and data-driven processes and active energy solutions.  Each of these will include faster, cheaper, greener, more efficient, high quality built assets, adding lifetime value and meeting both the current and future needs of clients and the wider sector.

The TCC is sharing these prototypes with all areas of the industry as templates and inspiration to be used and learnt from. The Story of Transforming Construction explains what has been achieved, including a video overview of the programme, a searchable online catalogue of TCC cases studies, and a brochure providing further details of TCC projects and investments, including the Construction Innovation Hub and the Active Building Centre. Together, they provide a crucial resource to help drive further change in construction.

The CLC has played a significant role in the TCC journey and encourages companies, large and small, to adopt TCC innovations as the norm in order to transform the way we build, and continue to develop a thriving, successful industry.

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