CO2nstruct Zero: Building a Sustainable Future

14 June 2021

The CO2nstructZero Youth are a group of nine young individuals from the CLC’s Net Zero Champion businesses in the construction industry, who are using their expertise to create an exciting programme to showcase how the sector is tackling climate change. The climate emergency requires a response with the greatest urgency and the industry is stepping up to address this with increasing focus.

CO2nstructZero: Building a Sustainable Future invites young people to think differently about the construction industry and explore the innovative solutions it is proposing to achieve high levels of sustainability across three main areas: materials, heavy plant and methods of construction. These areas are already evolving and inspiring people to join the movement in disrupting the industry and in changing its behaviours.

Materials: Teaching Old Materials New Tricks

We look at how people are pushing the boundaries of archaic materials to be revived in the modern era of sustainable construction.

On-Site Vehicles: Driving Towards Emission-Fee Vehicles and Equipment

An overview of the latest emission-free vehicles and equipment that are transforming construction sites.

Methods of Construction: Out with the Old, In with the MMC

For years, construction has struggled with the stigma that it is amongst the largest contributors for waste, pollution and disruption.

However, Modern Methods of Construction offer a different reality. Not only do they save time and money, but they avoid over-production of materials, eliminate site waste and streamline machinery use, as assets are guaranteed to be built right first-time.

This event is aimed at young people who are passionate about climate change and making a difference. The topics discussed here are designed to be accessible for anyone, regardless of construction background, as we believe construction offers an exciting opportunity for everyone to play a part in a building a sustainable future.

We look forward to speaking to engaging with our audience virtually and answering any questions they might have on the 23rd of September, 12:00 – 15.30 CEST

We will be sharing details about how to connect very soon! Stay tuned!