CLC Updates Recommendation on Industry Card Schemes

The competence of the construction workforce is at the heart of the new building safety regime. The CLC has played a significant role in driving up standards through its recommendation on industry card schemes, since this was first published in 2015. The CLC recommendation has been adopted across the industry, with the result that cards carrying the CSCS logo are specified and promoted for those undertaking recognised construction occupations. It has now been updated to reflect the progress made to date.

The 38 card schemes that feature the CSCS logo on their cards have come together as Alliance Members, and all cards can now be verified using CSCS Smart Check.

All Industry Accreditation cards will expire at the end of 2024. The CLC would like to thank the Industry Competence Steering Committee Working Groups, particularly Working Group 2, for their work on developing competence frameworks. We anticipate that these will include the ongoing development of skills and knowledge, as well as fire safety training where appropriate, and will be recognised by the relevant card scheme, once in place.  The CLC would also like to thank CITB and Build UK for creating the free Fire Safety in Buildings course which is designed to improve an individual’s knowledge of fire safety measures in buildings.

We should celebrate the progress made which demonstrates what can be achieved when the industry works collectively. The latest version of the CLC recommendation is dated March 2024 which supersedes all previous versions.

Download the updated recommendation on industry card schemes here.


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