CLC Strategic Priority

Increasing Regulatory Clarity
Current work includes

Workshops on specific regulatory topics with HMG and Regulators to understand policy intention, operational application and to clarify specific issues.

Operational and technical input and advice to guidance.

Developing and delivering simple, clear and helpful information to drive industry awareness, understanding and action.
Construction Products
Current work includes:.

Continued promotion and wider adoption of the Code for Construction Product Information. Merchant and Distributor, and Supporter categories launched.

Dialogue with HMG on proposed approach to construction product reforms.

Establishment of Special Interest Group to consider the Independent Review of the Construction Product Testing Regime and industry response to recommendations
Current work includes:.

Continued work with the Competence Steering Group and its working groups, the Industry Competence Leadership Forum and Industry Competence Committee.
Roll out of Fire Safety in Buildings training course.

Completion of 6 competence frameworks for installer priority occupations and roll out across the industry.
Golden Thread
Current work includes:.

Dialogue with key stakeholders and formation of industry working groups to develop and deliver golden thread guidance for practical industry application.
Professional Indemnity Insurance
Current work includes:.

Ongoing work to identify blockers to adequate and affordable PII for the whole built environment sector including for HMG remediation programmes including the new Cladding Safety Scheme.

Dialogue with HMG on the new regulatory terminology, interpretation and impact on the insurance market.

Collaboration with the International Underwriting Association and Construction Industry Council to develop and deliver an industry event in early 2024.
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Champion and support delivery of safe & high-quality buildings for those who live and work in them.


Increasing Regulatory Clarity: To increase regulatory clarity and improve the understanding of the regulations and adoption by the industry.​

Competence: Lead industry competence, development of standards, industry accreditation and drive the adoption of required behaviours.​

Construction Products: Support clarification of product information and certification including testing.​

Golden Thread: Support delivery through industry guidance (process, industry skills and digital technologies).​

Professional Indemnity Insurance: Develop partnerships and campaigns which unlock financially sustainable PII and other forms of insurance.

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