Pilot Project to Cut Defects

CLC is running a pilot project on a scheme developed by the contractors’ umbrella body ActuateUK to tackle project defects at source with the long-term aim of removing the need for payment retentions. It takes previously successful data gathering schemes used to address health & safety concerns and late payment as its inspiration with a similar focus on using anonymous data to tackle the root causes of our defects ‘culture’. Both these earlier schemes produced tangible results and had a profound impact on the prevailing culture.

Clients and contractors are invited to take part in the pilot by sharing their project data, which is non-attributed and will help to build up a picture of why defects come about and how we can set about eliminating them. Defects will be collected from completion certificates using processes developed by the Get It Right Initiative (GIRI). They are compared and rationalised against the overall value of the contract to enable comparison between projects and produce a score that can be used to evaluate a solution.

This initial stage working with Cranfield University is strictly a proof of concept, a test that the data can be collected and collated from projects. But getting this right, could unlock benefits for all parties.  Please use this link to submit your data.

For further information and questions please contact the CLC.


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