To boost productivity, increase predictability, and address growing skills shortages, it is widely accepted that the construction industry must reduce its reliance on bespoke design and traditional craft-based delivery. 

Industrialised Construction approaches are centred around the use of standard technical systems that can be efficiently manufactured at scale and easily deployed across many projects using standard repeatable processes.

Strategic Goals

  • To develop and socialise a clear definition and language framework for Industrialised Construction
  • To support a shift in policy focus from MMC (the adoption of manufactured solutions within the existing engineer to order delivery model) towards Industrialisation (delivery model transformation)
  • To produce practical resources for government and industry to aid the development and deployment of Industrialised Construction approaches. 

2024 Focus

For 2024, the Industrialised Construction workstream will build on the work of the Construction Innovation Hub to shape and accelerate the platform agenda, being careful to explain how Platform Approaches embody the principles of Industrialised Construction.

Further Useful Resources

Leadership Contact Details

Chair – Ron Lang                                                                                                                                                                                           Vice-Chair – Dr Mila Duncheva
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