Working Safely During COVID-19

This guidance sets out advice to members and their clients about what steps they may want to think about when starting or restarting a building project during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

The guidance is based on three principles:

  1. Protecting health and safety – members of the FMB are committed to protecting the health and safety of their workers, workers’ families, clients, their supply chains, and the public.
  2. Supporting the building industry – members of the FMB must be supported in a way that recognises their important contribution to the UK economy. Coming out of the coronavirus crisis we will need a robust construction sector that can deliver on the Government’s objectives to build more homes, improve the quality and energy efficiency of our building stock, and provide the infrastructure to enable the UK to compete.
  3. Promoting best practice – members of the FMB and their clients need to be adhering to best practice to ensure all building work is done to the highest standards and within a safe environment.


Download the restarting building work guidance here.

Download the guidance for clients here.

A link to the full FMB story is here.

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