Coronavirus Update – Updated Site Operating Procedures

The Government has confirmed that construction sites should continue to operate during the current Coronavirus pandemic. In his letter to the UK construction sector earlier this week, Alok Sharma, the Secretary of State for Business Energy & Industrial Strategy, also confirmed that the Site Operating Procedures published by the Construction Leadership Council are aligned with Public Health England (PHE) guidance that must be implemented in the workplace.

In response to feedback, the Site Operating Procedures Version 2 has now been published to include:

• Clarification that where it is not possible or safe for workers to distance themselves from each other
by 2 metres then work should not be carried out
• The request from Transport for London to avoid using the tube network during peak times
• Updates from PHE to reference:
o those living with someone who has shown signs of Covid-19 infection
o those living with someone who is shielding
o 60%+ alcohol based hand sanitiser
o keeping groups of workers together to minimise transfer of infection across the workforce

• The need to monitor implementation of the procedures

Download the updated version here:.

Langley Waterproofing Systems, supported by CIC, has produced a  short video that demonstrates safe and responsible guidance for workers on construction sites operating during the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic, to ensure the protection of the workforce and minimise the risk of spread of infection.

This guidance advises how consistent measures on sites, of all sizes, can be responsibly and safely undertaken with adherence to the Government’s recommendations on social distancing.
To help ensure the safe operation on site within the construction industry , it has worked to develop site operating procedures, published by the Construction Leadership Council.

Watch the video here: Langley/CIC video

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