BRAC Golden Thread Report Published

The Building Regulations Advisory Committee’s (BRAC) golden thread working group have published a report. The report provides greater clarity on the golden thread policy and the changes it will require of industry for building safety. It outlines the high-level golden thread requirements including the golden thread definition and principles, and how digital standards will underpin implementation of the golden thread of information.

The report and associated press release can be found here.

The Government will set out the specific requirements for the golden thread in secondary legislation. The regulations will set out the information that has to be stored in the golden thread and how the information must be kept. The Government will publish these regulations and additional guidance in draft for consultation at a later stage.

The golden thread not only allows understanding of a building now and in the future, but can play a key part in the facilitation and acceleration of wider digital transformation in the built environment, which will deliver economic growth, better public services, and help deliver lower carbon emissions and greater sustainability. It is therefore vital that the right approach to golden thread is adopted now, to deliver building safety and to support wider digital transformation.

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