Exports and Trade Work Stream

What do we do?

The Exports and Trade work stream of the CLC aims to support construction to increase export performance, initially through further development and expansion of the services component. The work stream will develop the strategy, and lead coordination and promotion of export growth led initiatives through a range of government, industry, trade and business groups.

Why is this important?

Construction is a key element of the UK economy accounting for approximately 9% of the country’s workforce and the sector needs to play its part in improving export performance and supporting the UK economy to reduce its trade deficit.  It is essential that the UK is able to capitalise on global construction growth which is predicted to grow by 85% to US$ 15.5 trillion by 2030 with the UK being one of eight nations (alongside China, USA, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Canada and Nigeria) which together will account for 70% of that growth.

British based design organisations within the construction sector are well placed to take a lead role in further developing international business opportunities, supporting the growth of UK export.

How do we achieve this?

Initially the work stream will focus on delivering growth through capitalising on the strong reputation of UK Architecture and Engineering.  This will be brought about building on the strong internal reputation of the UK’s Architects (40% of the ‘Top 100’ Architectural Practices are in London) and engineers, and by establishing and promoting the UK as the leading world design centre, and specifically as a global hub for the design of buildings.

An Action Plan is being developed to deliver this strategy with a wide range of industry groups being consulted as part of the initial phase.


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