People & Skills Network Industry Initiative


The CLC People & Skills Network brings together partners from across the construction industry and built environment, including employers, training providers, trade federations, and skills bodies to tackle the industry’s most pressing skills need challenges. The Covid-19 Pandemic has had a huge impact on these needs and on the action required to address them. As a result the network is working, in consultation with the CLC’s other workstreams and groups to develop a new skills plan focused on delivering the skills aspects that underpin the existing Industry Recovery Plan.


The People & Skills Network is developing the CLC Skills Plan (to be published in late autumn 2020) which will outline a co-ordinated group of interventions and activities that will achieve the skills needs outcomes set out in both this plan and the Industry Recovery Plan. Areas of focus being explored during the development of the skills plan include actions to ensure we retain the people and skills we already have in the industry, help new talent join the sector and then develop the skills we need to increase productivity:

  • Construction Talent Retention Scheme
  • Improve the quality of Employment and investment in training
  • Ensure effective routes into high quality Apprenticeships
  • Develop effective entry routes from both Further Education  & Higher Education
  • Develop the skills to support modernisation
  • Develop the skills to support Net Zero

Current activities

  • The network currently meets on a monthly basis to review the work of a number of sprint groups established to develop skills needs and interventions on a number of the areas of focus
  • Alongside those meetings a smaller working group of the network meets more regularly with a specific focus on
    • reviewing and collating the work of the sprint groups
    • examining the skills needs feedback from other CLC workstream groups
    • progressing the medium and longer term skills plan.


Tim Balcon

Chief Executive, CITB