Local, Social and Commercial Working Group


We focus on construction through a local lens, looking at how Government investment in social and economic infrastructure, private sector investment in buildings and regeneration of towns and cities are planned and delivered to serve communities. The group is made up of a diverse range of participants from across the sector which enables us to collaborate and share intelligence on the current market conditions, innovations and trends in activity to promote a strategic response. Our scope is unique as we have representatives from across the built environment to take a systemic view on interventions around taxation to stimulate demand and construction activity, digitising and investing in planning regime and building industry capability for the future.


  • Improve delivery of long term outcomes through local regeneration schemes, through a productive, skilled and innovative industry.
  • Increase value for public sector investment by better leverage of private sector investment.
  • Faster and more effective delivery through the planning process.
  • Increased speed and scale of private sector investments.
  • Enhanced supply chain capability and business sustainability in the LSC markets.

Current activities

  • Responding to the Government’s ‘Planning the Future’ consultation
  • Analysing the taxation system around developments and comparing to international equivalents
  • Launched a proposal seeing out a new approach to regeneration which better integrates public and private sector funding and interests to accelerate construction jobs for the next three years, stimulate a local-led economic recovery plan, whilst delivering long-term benefits for communities.
  • Working with the Building Safety workstream to develop industry capability


Hannah Vickers


Paul Reilly

MD Stantec and ACE Chair