Smart Technology Work Stream

What do we do?

The objective of the Smart Technology work stream is to help position the construction industry to respond to the challenges and opportunities associated with digital technologies and the use of data in the design, construction and operation of assets. Rapid developments in digital design solutions, additive manufacture and interconnected devices mean that the construction industry will become increasingly data-enabled.  How this data is used will change the way that new and existing assets are designed, built and operated and how users will interact with them.

A construction industry enabled by smart technology will be able to provide more infrastructure capacity with less capital investment and will enable assets to be maintained in ways which maximise their availability. Smart technology will also enable business models which reduce life-cycle cost and carbon.


Why is this important?

Smart technologies are already transforming many aspects of the world and it is essential that construction plays its part in ensuring that the users of physical infrastructure are able to benefit from all of the benefits that a smart, interconnected approach can bring.

The incorporation of smart solutions into existing assets is particularly important as an opportunity for the industry – helping assets owners to make best use of their existing asset base and minimising total costs of operation.

The introduction of a smart technology capability is also essential to enable other parts of CLC work including our green construction board, exports and growth, and innovation in buildings work streams. Creating a leadership position for construction will position the industry to be ready for the accelerating pace of change that smart technologies will bring.

How will we achieve this?

Initially the Smart Technology work stream is focussing on a range of opportunities, including:

  • Working with the industry – supporting initiatives such as Digital Built Britain to accelerate the adoption of smart technology-based working
  • Working with innovators in smart-technology to find ‘what best looks like’ and to understand how these approaches can be adopted by construction
  • Understanding how new business models can be enabled using data and smart-technology and what role construction has in making this happen
  • Developing an Implementation Plan for the period 2016 – 2025.

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