Infrastructure Working Group


To develop proposals for a future infrastructure strategy, covering new build and RMI, to feed into the National Infrastructure Strategy.  This will embed key strategic objectives including:

  • The adaption of infrastructure post-Covid19;
  • Net zero carbon by 2050;
  • Levelling up;
  • Industry modernisation; and
  • Digitisation and development of the National Digital Twin.


Short term

    • Ensure that the UK infrastructure sector and its supply chain remain viable and avoid business failure in the short term;
    • Maintain Covid-19 prevention measures;
    • Secure existing talent in the sector; and
    • Develop a Vision for the Infrastructure sector within the Built Environment

Long term

    • Investment based on outcomes and value to enable sustainable infrastructure systems to improve human wellbeing and flourishing using tools such as digitisation as an enabler;
    • Improve how the Industry uses funding and financing channels; and
    • Change how infrastructure is delivered.

Current activities

  • Using Infrastructure Client Group existing initiatives, including Project 13 and the Digital Transformation Task Group, and interfaces with other industry Groups as appropriate, including the Green Construction Board Infrastructure Working Group, to start to overcome the barriers to the themes identified in the White Paper consultation to drive the reinvention of infrastructure delivery:
    • New investment prioritised based on long term systemic challenges like net zero and population growth
    • Embed Client-led enterprise-based delivery models developed around Project 13 principles
    • Shift to intelligent and outcome based procurement models to improve how projects are delivered
    • Investment in digitalisation in both new and existing assets (including National Digital Twin)
    • Foster new leadership in delivery based on a systems integration skillset
  • Engaging with Government to input into Spending Review, Construction Playbook, National Infrastructure Strategy and the Transforming Infrastructure Performance 10 year plan.
  • Workshop to establish the vision for infrastructure to feed into the overall Vision for the Built Environment.


Nirmal Kotecha

Chair, Infrastructure Client Group