Housing Working Group


The Group brings together trade and professional bodies whose members are involved in the construction and delivery of new housing across all tenures, together with representatives of government and housing agencies. The Group is also involving industry and other practitioners in its developing work programme to ensure that outputs are practical and informed by operational experience, while seeking to meet future challenges in delivering both an increase in housing supply and achieving improvements in quality, productivity, environmental outcomes and many other areas. The Group is also seeking to promote diversity of supply and an inclusive approach to developing proposals and initiatives to improve housing outcomes.


Our short term objective is to maintain as much productive and skills capacity as possible through the Restart and Reset phases of the Recovery Plan in order to sustain progress towards building 300,000 homes a year by the mid-2020s. We will bring together thinking and views on issues that affect the business climate for investment and housing delivery, including planning reform. We have an overall objective to promote diversity of supply across housing tenures. Longer term our objective is to seek agreement on the means for the housing sector to work together to achieve agreed outcomes and targets on the many strategic issues the sector faces – on Net Zero, MMC and innovation, Building Safety and quality.

Current activities

  • Developing a response to the Planning White Paper and engaging with the ongoing debate on planning reform
  • Considering possible demand side measures for the next phase of economic recovery
  • Developing measures to promote an increase in the role played by and the number of SME home builders
  • Agreeing the housing sector’s contribution to the CLC’s Net Zero and innovation strategy
  • Publication of the ‘Smart Construction Dashboard‘ which was designed to demonstrate the performance of the housing sector, and encourage developers, local authorities and housing associations to develop the evidence to demonstrate the power of smart construction. You can access the various versions in this timeline:

    Housing Industry Metrics Report (2018)

    Dashboard (2018)

    Dashboard (2020)

    Dashboard (2022)



John Slaughter

Home Builders Federation