Digital Network Industry Initiative


‘Digital’ is becoming part of everything we do, so this group is all about the network – connecting and coordinating the various digital activities and initiatives across the workstreams.  This group will work with both the ‘horizontals’ and the ‘verticals’ in the CLC structure to assist the workstreams in their own Digital Transformation.  The approach will be supportive, not directive, and will be based on:

  1. Leadership and strategy – identifying digital leaders and developing appropriate digital transformation strategies
  2. Baselining and benchmarking – understanding the ‘starting point’ and being clear on progress
  3. Connecting and sharing – identifying good practice and sharing it across the workstreams and the wider industry

The group will create a support network to connect and coordinate the digital activities in the workstreams, and this will include the Digital Leads Network and a Digital Advisory Group to contribute advice and positive challenge.


To connect and coordinate the digital activities and initiatives across all the workstreams.

To facilitate and accelerate Digital Transformation in the UK’s built environment in order to improve performance and outcomes.

Current activities

  • Identifying Digital Leads (DLs) for each workstream (horizontals and verticals)
  • Establishing the digital ‘starting point’ for each workstream and mapping the existing digital initiatives
  • Forming Digital Task Forces (DTFs) for each workstream that wants one
  • Assisting the DLs/DTFs to identify priorities and to develop/articulate their own Digital Transformation strategies
  • Supporting the DLs/DTFs as they drive their own Digital Transformation strategies and initiatives
  • Encouraging the capture and sharing of emerging good practice via case studies and other products
  • Publication of the ‘Smart Construction Dashboard‘ which was designed to demonstrate the performance of the housing sector, and encourage developers, local authorities and housing associations to develop the evidence to demonstrate the power of smart construction. You can access the various versions in this timeline:

Housing Industry Metrics Report (2018)

Dashboard (2018)

Dashboard (2020)

Dashboard (2022)



Mark Enzer, OBE

Dr Anne Kemp, OBE

Dr Barry Blackwell

Kevin Reeves