Building Safety Programme


  • Support the objective that all buildings are safe and occupants feel safe.
  • Ensure the widest definition of building safety.
  • Monitor and support the passage of the Building Safety Bill and the establishment of the Building Safety Regulator.
  • Provide a strong and effective link with the work of the MHCLG Building Safety Programme, the HSE and the Industry Response Group.
  • Linking with the many ongoing initiatives and work across the sector.

The group will also be linking with and building on the many reports published to date including Dame Judith Hackett’s report, the competency steering group report, and the guidance notes issued by MHCLG.




  • Develop promote and encourage culture change across the sector
  • Ensure residents and occupants feel safe, included and have a voice
  • Buildings perform as designed and are maintained to perform as required

Current activities

  • Publication of the Final IRG Competency Report Setting the Bar
  • Liaising with BSP on the cladding remediation programme
  • Development of the BECS overarching framework and the creation of the first duty holder PAS documents
  • Ongoing review of the Grenfell enquiry recommendations
  • Development of a product information code
  • Encouraging digitalisation and supporting the development of the golden thread
  • Preparing industry for the changes in the regulatory framework and effect of the Building Safety Bill and changes to the Fire Safety Order


Peter Caplehorn

Graham Watts