‘Centres of Excellence’ in the UK

The CLC Innovation in Buildings workstream has identified a need for Centres of Excellence to share knowledge, best practice, inspire collaboration and showcase new opportunities.

The workstream undertook an independent review of the capability and capacity of existing Centres of Excellence in the UK that could support Smart Construction related to the supply of housing; namely with regards to Offsite Manufacturing, Digital Technologies and High Performance Buildings. It also identified areas for improvement which the working group aims to address.

The information here is intended to signpost industry to what exists and how to engage with relevant organisations.

Critical Success Factors

The workstream identified the critical success factors of a Centre of Excellence to support adoption of innovative practices, as follows:

The following are the critical success factors used in this review:

Relationship management programme

  • Independent group of experts
  • Demonstrator projects
  • Facilitate collaborative R&D
  • Resources to trial and explore opportunities “off project”
  • Links to academia and the business sector
  • Knowledge transfer processes
  • Outreach programme

Sixteen centres, which consisted of physical and virtual organisations, participated in the review and were compared against the above factors.

If your organisation or centre is not included in the published list but can provide expertise in this area please contact the CLC at construction.enquiries@beis.gov.uk .

Download the list of centres here