Green Construction Board Work Stream

What do we do?

The Green Construction Board (GCB) is the sustainability workstream of the Construction Leadership Council.  The role of the GCB is to provide leadership and action to enable the whole value chain (designers, clients, contractors, product manufacturers and suppliers) to become more environmentally sustainable, more productive and better placed to exploit the growing global market.

Why is this important?

Energy from fossil fuels consumed in the construction and operation of buildings accounts for approximately half of the UK’s emissions of carbon dioxide.   Construction is also a large user of water and a producer of waste.  Reducing carbon and other impacts from the Built Environment is an important strand of the GCB’s work.  Tackling climate change and environmental degradation provides significant economic opportunities for the construction sector through both increased exports and better productivity.

How will we achieve this?

The GCB  aims to support businesses to achieve a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2025. A detailed delivery plan has been developed to achieve this focussing on two key themes:

  • Championing, leading and supporting action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from infrastructure, domestic (housing) and non-domestic built environment sectors
  • Supporting the construction sector to move towards a circular economy business model to improve resource efficiency and productivity.


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18 July 2017

Our Opportunity – the Construction Industry Sector Deal

Progress in the development of the construction industry's sector deal.
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17 July 2017

Industry response group to respond to the Grenfell Tower fire

CLC endorses the industry response group established to respond to the Grenfell Tower fire.

CLC endorses the Grenfell Tower fire industry response group

17 July 2017

The CLC endorses the industry response group established to respond to the Grenfell Tower fire.

Top Tips for Embedding Circular Economy Principles

19 June 2017

The Green Construction Board has today published the new guide “Top Tips for Embedding Circular Economy Principles in the Construction Industry”.

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19 June 2017

Circular Economy Top Tips

The Green Construction Board launches new guide to assist the construction supply chain to embed circular economy principles.