Skills Work Stream

What do we do?

More than 2.3 million people work in the Construction Industry in the UK, and the skills work stream’s key focus is on developing a skilled UK construction workforce.  It is critical that the workforce of today and tomorrow have the right skills to meet the needs of the construction industry and are able to deliver our ambitions of a more efficient, productive, lower carbon, more innovative construction industry.  The work stream will focus on creating a shared and sustainable framework which delivers a workforce with the relevant skills to match the industry’s needs.

Why is this important?

For the construction industry to thrive, grow and change it needs to be able to attract new and talented people to join it and to provide rewarding jobs to retain new and existing construction workers.  This is critical to the work of CLC work streams with skills underpinning so much of the transition the industry is embarking on.  The skills work stream has identified key areas of focus and action to be taken.  The skills landscape is changing, with new apprenticeship standards, the Apprenticeship Levy and the need to identify how the existing skills structures such as the Construction Industry Training Board can best support the industry in meeting its skills challenges.

How will we achieve this?

Skills have a very close inter-connection with innovation, smart construction, business models and many other elements of CLC work stream activity.  Key areas of focus and strategy for the work stream are in the following areas:

  • Attract a wider and deeper pool of talent into the construction industry
  • To support those joining the industry to gain qualifications and continue to develop their careers
  • To develop strategies to retain people in the industry over the long-term
  • To agree with the industry the key areas of focus for skills for the short, medium and long-term
  • Educate public about range of opportunities in the industry in support of delivering a modern infrastructure.

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22 November 2017

Industry Card Schemes – the CLC updates its recommendation

Industry Card Schemes

The Construction Leadership Council has updated its recommendation, adopted across the industry, which provides a consistent means of recognising that an individual has achieved the agreed standard of qualification and skill in the occupation they are working in. This document, published in November 2017 supersedes the previous version dated January 2015.
Mrk Reynolds Mace
5 September 2017

Mace CEO joins Construction Leadership Council to lead skills workstream

Mark Reynolds, Mace CEO has been appointed to the Construction Leadership Council, where he will lead the CLC skills workstream.
Crest Nicholson Apprentices (2)
31 August 2017

CITB Triennial Review

CLC statement on the CITB triennial review.
CLC square logo
18 July 2017

Our Opportunity – the Construction Industry Sector Deal

Progress in the development of the construction industry's sector deal.