Innovation in Buildings Work Stream

What do we do?

The Innovation in Buildings work stream is focussed on embedding innovative construction techniques to improve productivity and capacity in the construction industry, and the quality and whole-life performance of buildings.

Why is this important?

Innovation and smart construction has the potential to transform productivity of the construction sector, improve capacity and improve the quality and performance of the buildings we produce.  This would benefit the construction industry, building clients and users – home-owners, tenants, pupils, patients.  It will stimulate growth of the UK economy and improve social challenges such as the UK housing shortage.

Innovation and smart construction will help the construction industry be more productive by making better use of materials and labour to deliver at speed.  It will increase capacity allowing more buildings to be built.  It will improve the quality and performance of buildings in important areas such as energy efficiency and building comfort.

How will we achieve this?

The work stream is chaired by Mike Chaldecott (Saint-Gobain) and brings together industry, academic and government representatives to deliver a collaborative plan of action to deliver real increase in smart construction. Initially the focus is on the housing sector.  Following a roadmapping event working groups have been established to implement the action plan.

Key areas of focus are:

  • Supporting and creating centres of excellence and collaboration
  • Supporting and promoting demonstrator projects
  • Increasing demand for smart construction
  • Improving the availability/affordability of finance for homes built using smart construction
  • Defining targets and measures.

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CLC endorses the Grenfell Tower fire industry response group

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The CLC endorses the industry response group established to respond to the Grenfell Tower fire.

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